Our Team

Our staff is among the best in the industry — from sales to production to customer service — and our focus is on your needs.

Our primary mission is to provide innovative, cost-effective products with high-touch customer care.


In order to consistently meet and exceed our customers’ needs, the individuals that comprise the ESP staff demand excellence of themselves and each other. This means doing the right thing in every interaction with customers, vendors, and fellow employees.

Whether you’re a prospective buyer looking for information on our defoamers & anti-foams or a long-time ESP client, you’ll be treated with respect at all stages of your customer journey. Every interaction will be handled by a dedicated foam-control professional with integrity and prompt, efficient communication by whichever means is most convenient to you.

Your time will not be wasted

We mean that in two ways. One, the defoamers and anti-foam products you purchase will work as advertised. Two, our customer service personnel will work hand in hand with every department at ESP to ensure you receive prompt, accurate information.

Our highly experienced sales staff meets face to face with customers to learn about their needs in depth, including to conduct on-site field trials to demonstrate product efficacy and compatibility in a particular system. We are not looking to simply make sales; obtaining real-time field trial data affords us the opportunity to make foam control recommendations that are best for your business.
Due to the complexity of the applications in which our products are used, some of them require a more refined touch. So, our R&D and technical service staff are available to further assess the customer’s specific application with an in-house evaluation. Whenever it’s needed, our lab will take the initiative, reach out to the customer, and ensure that we formulate the perfect foam control product for their application.
ESP’s commitment to rigorous product stewardship is second to none. Day-to-day operations are carried out with close attention to detail — environmental health & safety, raw materials intake, inventory control, finished product output, quality assurance — everything is overseen by our conscientious and diligent production staff. They are the gatekeepers who make sure every ounce of material that leaves our facility meets the high standards of excellence our customers are accustomed to.