About Us

ESP are Specialists in Foam Control Technology, providing exceptional products with unmatched customer support.

Company Overview

With over 175 years combined experience in foam control products, the Enterprise Specialty Products, Inc. staff is committed to providing customers with the highest-quality products and customer service. We’re able to make it happen better than our competitors, because defoamers and anti-foams are the only thing we do.

We’re driven to develop the very best foam control technologies, and we take pride in using materials and selling products that always meet our clients’ needs, always at an affordable price. And when your needs change, so too will our processes and products, because customer satisfaction is our number one goal.

Core Values

  • Satisfying and delighting our customers. You come first.
  • Passion and determination are critical. We love to learn, educate, and innovate.
  • Happiness and family spirit: Support for team member excellence motivates us every day.
  • Respect, humility, and integrity: We strive to be sustainable and responsible.

Mission & Vision

ESP is dedicated to creating a business environment that is recognized by customers, vendors, and team members as having the highest ethical standards and providing unparalleled value in products and services.

We apply this philosophy to every task and decision to cultivate a culture of excellence and continuous improvement, where our expertise in foam control technology and manufacturing are combined with a genuine desire to establish mutually beneficial, long-term relationships.

In order to meet your needs, our focus will always be on innovation within the worldwide foam control marketplace and doing so in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

Focused on your needs

ESP’s team of foam control experts will carefully assess your situation, recommend the most effective solution, and even conduct a FREE field test to determine which defoamer or anti-foam agent is best for you.

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