Protect From Freeze Statement

Enterprise Specialty Products manufactures a variety of water-based antifoam and defoaming agents that will freeze in temperatures at or below 32°F.

These “Protect from Freeze” products will only ship as listed below based on transit time:

  • One-day shipments - Monday-Thursday
  • Two-day shipment - Monday-Wednesday
  • Three or more days - Monday & Tuesday

Freight companies will institute a shipping embargo for products that will freeze when the outside temperature is at or below freezing point for several continuous days. During this period, freight companies will not accept shipments that have “Protect from Freezing” on the shipping paperwork. A customer may choose to ship on an embargo day. If that is the case, ESP will need written consent to do so & we will remove the “Protect from Freezing” from the paperwork. ESP will not be responsible for any freezing damage of the product once it has left our facility.

Collect and Third Party Billing:

Please be aware that the freight company may charge a fee for the “Protect from Freezing” service. If you see this charge and the service was not provided, it will be up to the customer to dispute the charge with the freight company.

Prepaid & Add Billing:

Please be aware that freight charges may increase due to the “Protect from Freezing” service fee. If the customer has any questions or concerns regarding this fee, please let customer service know so that we may resolve the issue.

Most common carriers such as R&L, Old Dominion, ABF Freight, Palmetto, FedEx Freight, UPS Freight, and Conway do offer the “Protect from Freezing” service. Carriers like FedEx Ground, UPS Ground, and most local carriers, do not offer this service.

Please contact our office with any questions or concerns.

Thank you,

Customer Service

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